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Absolutely! Pursuing a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree in the USA after completing a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) can open up a world of exciting job opportunities in the field of dentistry. The combination of a BDS and an MPH can provide you with a unique skill set that is highly sought after in the dental industry.

Why is an MPH after a BDS a great career move?

By obtaining an MPH degree, you will gain a deeper understanding of public health principles and how they relate to dentistry. This knowledge will enable you to address oral health issues on a broader scale, focusing not only on individual patients but also on community health and prevention strategies. This holistic approach is increasingly valued in the dental field, as it allows for a more comprehensive and effective delivery of dental care.

Job opportunities after completing an MPH

After completing your MPH, you will have a wide range of job opportunities available to you. Here are a few examples:

1. Public Health Dentist: As a public health dentist, you will work to improve the oral health of communities and populations. You may be involved in designing and implementing oral health programs, conducting research, and advocating for policies that promote oral health.

2. Dental Epidemiologist: Dental epidemiologists study the patterns and causes of oral diseases in populations. They collect and analyze data to identify risk factors, develop prevention strategies, and evaluate the effectiveness of oral health programs.

3. Researcher: With an MPH, you can pursue a career in dental research. You may work in academic institutions, government agencies, or private research organizations, conducting studies to advance our understanding of oral health and develop new treatment modalities.

4. Public Health Administrator: Public health administrators play a crucial role in managing and coordinating oral health programs at the community or state level. They oversee budgets, develop policies, and work with other healthcare professionals to ensure the delivery of quality dental care.

5. Health Educator: As a health educator, you can use your knowledge of public health and dentistry to educate individuals and communities about oral health promotion and disease prevention. You may work in schools, community centers, or public health agencies.


Pursuing an MPH in the USA after completing a BDS can lead to excellent job opportunities in the field of dentistry. The combination of dental expertise and public health knowledge will make you a valuable asset to organizations and communities focused on improving oral health. Whether you choose to work as a public health dentist, dental epidemiologist, researcher, public health administrator, or health educator, your unique skill set will allow you to make a significant impact on the oral health of individuals and populations. So, go ahead and explore the exciting career possibilities that await you with an MPH after a BDS!

Dr. David Kim
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